Prefabricated walls

Prefabricated walls with single or double framework optimize the insulating factor for the highest performance. Our compositions are custom-made to meet your needs. Our team verifies the loads, structural capacity and laws tie to your area so that your prefabricated walls meet the highest standards of the market as prescribed in the National Building Code.

Features and Benefits of Prefabricated Panel Walls

Thanks to our prefabrication of panel walls, we can easily meet your project needs whether commercial, industrial, residential or agricultural.

  • Allow a better design flexibility for your project
  • Reduce labour costs and building site time
  • Kiln dried wood

Panel Assembly

Installation of prefabricated walls on-site, fast and efficient.

  • Panels easily handled by crane thanks to our anchors included in wooden structures
  • On site delivery

Insulation Types on Prefabricated Walls

We offer several types of insulation according to your needs (urethane, hemp or mineral wool). We have a solution adapted to speed up your work site whether for your party walls, bearing walls or firewalls.

Insulation with an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam manufactured at the factory is an exclusive conceptMAT product.

  • Increased flexibility with open cells

  • Insulating qualities of the most efficient

  • Better acoustic quality than most conventional walls

  • Does not increase the flammability level of a project

  • Composed of recycled plastic, vegetable oil and soy (Demilec Airmétic Soya)

Prefabricated Walls

House Martin Matte in Trois-Pistoles -- manufacture of walls and roof trusses.
Garage at Lac au Saumon -- fabrication of walls and roof trusses.
House in the Îles de la Madeleine -- floor joists, walls and roof trusses
6 units in Matane -- prefabricated walls
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